Animal Fencing for Dogs, Horses and more

Our client required a protective barrier that could keep dogs and even horses safely enclosed. To cater to their needs, we opted for full mesh metal farm gates coupled with post and rail paddock fencing that had UC4 posts ( what are UC4 posts? ) and European 50mm weld mesh. This is a perfect combination […]

Grey Indian Sandstone

We recently undertook some work in Stowmarket, Suffolk to completely reinvigorate a rear garden.  The project involved some lovely grey indian sandstone and some classy looking softwood sleepers.  Kerb edging and flamingo stone has created a stylish main sitting area with a further section of paving at the top of the garden to catch the […]

Raised Garden

We carried out an interesting garden project earlier this year. The task was to raise a lawn using retaining walls made from softwood sleepers. Doing this has a number of advantages. If the soil is not good enough to maintain a decent lawn this change allows you to control the soil and provide a higher […]

Three Foot Picket Fence

Sometimes a fence isn’t about protection or privacy. A fence can just be about creating a border. It can be something aesthetic to draw the eye and show where something ends and something else begins. A small 3 foot high picket fence is ideal in situation like this. It’s low, so it doesn’t make the […]

Hazel to Durapost

A Modern Renovation We came to this job to see a run of tired hazel hurdles that were not only fast become insecure and in danger of failure but also aesthetically past-their-best. Hazel fencing is beautiful, natural and long lasting but all great things must eventually come to an end.  A new and solid partition […]

Is Garden Fencing Expensive?

Is Garden Fencing Expensive? The answer to this question could be the classic answer: “How long is a piece of string?” It’s the joke/answer for a question to which there is no easy answer due to the requests’ unknown requirements. Garden fencing can be very expensive but it can also be pretty reasonable.   A good, […]

Garden Fencing Colours

Garden Fencing Colours Gone are the days of having a brown fence without any other options. You can go as wild as you like with a huge range of shades which both protect and enhance your new fence. From traditional brown, tree-names shades through to modern greys and blues, natural looking greens and even crazy […]

Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards

Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards You can see some tired, faded short fencing here. Massive improvements can be made with a new fence. Also, in this case the wooden posts were starting to rot and were in danger of collapse. One stray thunderbolt free-kick might have seen the fence off entirely. The Full Time Whistle […]

Cabin Retreat

Cabin Retreat Location.Here is the sleepy corner of the garden that will house the new cabin.DigPlan, measure and dig. Get that digger in to save our aching backs and get the job done quick.ReadyGround prepared. Path ready to build. ConcreteA strong base for building a lasting structure.As If By MagicCabin in place. Paving slabs down. […]

Garden Maintenence

Shaped lawn laid against paving with bushes in the background

Garden Maintanence Tips Look After Your Lawn The most important part of most gardens. If your lawn looks good you are more than halfway to having that garden everyone envies. There’s No Limit Be it a small terrace house back garden or a sprawling countryside property we can work with you. Being in the business […]