Artificial Lawns

Artificial lawn unadorned with fencing behind

Experienced Lawn Installers

As experts in the field you can expect a top notch job. We ensure a flat surface that provides a lawn that looks good from all angles. 

The edge cut will be tight and even so your paths, features and flower beds really stand out. 

A great fit helps a long lasting lawn too. 

Improving the look of artificial grass with an organic backdrop

Easy Peasy

No more watering, no more feeding and no more mowing. 

Get the great look of a perfectly manicured lawn all the time.

Small but perfectly formed install with tiny fenceposts

Artificial lawns installed in Needham Market, Stowmarket, Ipswich and all over Suffolk.

Quality Lawn Manufacture

We use only the best suppliers for our artificial lawn product.

With advances in plastic fabricating process their product is light years ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will We Still Be Able To Use The Lawn Like A Normal Lawn?

Yes, absolutely. Your children will be able to jump, roll and handstand. You will still BBQ in your garden but we suggest putting the BBQ on a patio or decking nearby.

You can still add some garden furniture, the grass is strong enough to support it without damaging. If you have something particularly heavy then speak to one of our experts as we can install enhanced sub-bases to add support.

You can put a trampoline on an artificial lawn with no ill effects.

How Long Does An Artificial Lawn Last For?

An artificial lawn, laid by experts, should still be in an acceptable condition 20 years later. As with anything outdoors that deals with the weather there is some wiggle room in that figure. And, not all installs are equal. A lawn that it rarely trod on that is undercover and tightly walled in will be in a better state than an install at a wedding venue. 

The earth underneath our feet is constantly moving too. 20 years is a long time and this adds another factor of unpredictability. 

Over the 20 years the UV protected artificial lawn shouldn’t change in colour markedly. Also, it should never flatten out regardless of usage.

Does Artificial Grass Get Hot?

Artificial lawns are made out of various types of plastic. Plastic retains heat more than natural grass. In some places in the world which are hotter than the UK this can be a problem. But, luckily, the UK rarely has to deal with extended periods of weather than will make this feature a nuisance. 

What's The Best Way To Clean An Artificial Lawn?

We believe these steps to be a good cleaning plan.

  1. Remove larger debris and leaves using either a broom, stiff brush, rake and/or a leaf blower. Extra tip : keep on top of your pruning of leaves and trees and you’ll cut down your work in the future!

  2. Apply some weedkiller all over the artificial lawn. Over a period weeds might take hold as debris gathers so do this a couple of times a year. 

  3. Hose down the lawn with a little detergent added to the mix. Then give the lawn another robust go with the stiff brush to really get attached dirt off. 

Quick Version - How Is Artifical Grass Better Than Natural?

No More


Put down the watering can!

No more


Monsoon season? No problem.

No more


A consistent look year on year.

No more


No pesticides. No chemicals. 

no more


An even, predictable lawn for good.

no more


No mud, no slipping. Safe as houses.


Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawn install following a curved pavement
Artificial lawn built by EM Fencing and Gardening Services

This artificial lawn install in near Stowmarket is a great example of the flexibility of the shape we can make. The perfect curve achieved would be more difficult with real turf. Also, it won’t stray from this perfection for many many years to come.

Artificial Lawn Features


Many Options Available
Grass height can be chosen

We can cut to fit any garden

Cost options available for all budgets

Low Maintenance

More Time To Enjoy Your Garden
No more mowing

Easy to clean up pet mess

Brush out debris and relax!

Long Life

Long Manufacturers Warranty
10 year warranty is common

UV protected colour

Weed protection can be added to increase life


You'll Be Surprised What's Possible
From distance you often can't tell

In garden photos it looks real

If the texture and feel is important we can help

Artificial Lawn Customer Comments

Steve Abbot
Steve Abbot
Read More
Really happy with the work done by EM Garden Services. They seemed knowledgeable about the product, helped us choose and the result is pretty much spot on. We were a bit nervous to start with as we didn't know much about artificial grass. Would recommend to friends and family.
Susan R
Susan R
Read More
Hi, our house is in Stowmarket and we've only been there a few months. The grass was a mess and just needed an easy way of sorting it. Ed was really helpful and made it easy for us. The artificial lawn looks great too. Thanks.

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