A Great Alternative

It’s lighter than both concrete and wooden posts. Manufactured using cold-rolled steel mean it’s also super strong and durable.


Durapost fences maintain a strong standard across the range. Tested with winds up to 110MPH they can take the worst the UK can throw it at. 

Easier to Install

We want to be in, do a great job, then out as quickly as we can. You want the same so you can get back to enjoying your garden. Durapost makes that possible due to the installation system and lightness.


Hazel to Durapost

A Modern Renovation We came to this job to see a run of tired hazel hurdles that were not only fast become insecure and in

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Recent Install

Until recently there really was only 2 choices for fence posts. Concrete posts are strong but sometimes lack the looks to suit your garden. Wooden posts looks great but need care and attention. Also, the price of timber is going up and up. With Durapost there is a new option.

Durapost shares many attributes with traditional fencing. It has panels made from various types of wood. The wood is arranged in various ways, horizontally, vertically, with or without gaps, edge to edge or overlapped. At the ends of each panel a post is buried part way in the ground to support the panels either side of it. It can feature a kickboard under the fence panel to protect the wood from the conditions of the ground surface below it. Where Durapost break the mold is in the material and design of the post.

A Durapost post is made from 100% recycled, galvanised cold-rolled steel. The posts and the panels work in complete harmony as they are both produced by Durapost. We can employ the use of a bespoke app to get the look of the fence just right before you confirm your choice. You can choose from 8 fence types and 4 colours to find that perfect garden match. It’s a total fencing system. It works. 

Built To Last. Designs For All.

Discover DuraPost®, the Revolutionary Fence Post System


Our DuraPost Prima composite gravel boards offer a sleek and modern fencing solution. These boards feature a unique tongue and groove profile, allowing them to be easily stacked within a DuraPost fence system, creating robust and long-lasting panels. For added durability, we recommend integrating reinforcing rods in the top, middle, and bottom boards. 

Crafted from high-quality PVCu, these boards are UV stabilized for longevity and come in a variety of lengths and colours to seamlessly match your fencing needs, ensuring both style and strength in your garden design.

in Design

Available in multiple lengths and colors, including Anthracite Grey, Olive Grey, and Sepia Brown, to match any garden aesthetic and requirement.

Enhanced Durability

Constructed from UV stabilized PVCu, ensuring the panels remain strong and maintain their color, even if scratched, over time without any significant loss of shine.

Reinforced Strength

The option to use reinforcing rods within the panels significantly increases their load-bearing capacity, making them a robust solution for any fencing need.


The innovative DuraPost Urban slatted composite panels, introduced in 2022, blend contemporary style with a classic timber look to enhance any garden. These panels are designed for durability and longevity, made from eco-friendly materials like rice husk and recycled HDPE, supported by robust galvanized steel rails. 

They offer versatile installation options, can withstand winds up to 110mph, and embody sustainability with their use of natural and recycled components, making them a maintenance-free, durable, and stylish fencing choice.

Contemporary and Timeless Design

These panels blend a modern aesthetic with a classic timber look, enhancing garden spaces with their stylish appearance.

Sustainable and Durable Materials

Made from a mix of natural rice husk and recycled HDPE, along with galvanized, nano-coated steel rails for enhanced weather resistance.

Versatile Installation Options

The slatted panels can be fitted either vertically or horizontally, allowing for flexibility in design while ensuring high wind resistance and load-bearing capacity.

How Does DuraPost®
Beat Conventional Systems


Peace of mind is a 25 year guarantee. Durapost are confident in their product.


The Durapost posts are capable of taking many types of traditional fencing styles.

Wind Guaranteed

Tested up-to 110MPH. You've got a fence that can take a lot of punishment.

Hassle Free

They are easier to fit. This means we are out of your hair quicker.

Strong and Secure

Holes are pre-drilled in and can be made secure. Panels stay in place one fitted.

No Warp or Crack

Manufactured in the UK. Strong and tested galvanised steel. Quality.


A single Durapost weighs just 8kg. That might not mean a great deal to you. Can you imagine 8 bags of sugar? pretty heavy. However, it might surprise you to find out that a timber post could be 16kg, concrete a whopping 46kg. This is a game-changer for fence installers. It’s easier to load the van, easier to unload the van and easier to get the posts into position. These savings all add up and result in a quicker installation time.

The 2 main points regarding the environment when talking about Durapost are:

  1. The galvanised steel is 100% recyclable. In many, many years, when you’re fence is no longer of use the steel can be re-purposed. Good to know.
  2. The posts are made in the UK. So less transport costs and less fuel required to get the posts from factory to your door.

Depending on the exact requirements a Durapost installation could be similarly priced to a concrete post fence installation. When you consider all the positives a Durapost fence brings this is a great deal. Although, every job is different so contact us for exact pricing differences. It will be a free quote and a no pressure conversation. 

Durapost is to composite fencing when Hoover is to vacuum cleaners. It’s great branding.

There are other manufacturers though – click/tap to see a page about other Composite Fencing.

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