Garden Features


Newly built pergola in back garden in England

A Striking Feature

A grand addition to a garden of the right size. Bring a touch of class to your backyard space. Somewhere to sit and eat or converse. 

Pergola photographed from below

Room To Grow

A perfect stage on which to grow some climbing plants. Trail and wrap up the legs to the top. Spread across the roof slats to get some height into your garden.

Pergola install, nearly completed.


Wisteria and Honeysuckle are a good ideas. Or you could go for a fast climber like Fallopia. 

How about some cherry tomatoes raining down from on high. With some luck this could be your garden!

Pergola - From Latin, Pergula, which is a projecting eave.

A pergola can come in many forms but always comprises of, at least, a number of vertical supporting posts. On top of these posts would rest some beams in one or more directions that stretch the length and width of the structure.

A newly built pergola may at first appear an odd sight. It is a structure that provides no consistent cover from above or the sides. It has the initial appearance of perhaps an unfinished project. However, the ultimate aim is to cover some part of the pergola with climbing vines and plants in order to provide such cover. Thus, after a few good years of growth the pergola performs a double purpose; a display for vegetation and cover from the elements.

A mature pergola with a good covering of vines and plants such as Honeysuckle. Honeysuckle, White Passionflower and Potato Vine can be a wonderful centre piece of any garden. The dancing shapes of flickering shadows as the wind plays with falling leaves is a lovely image. A pergola enveloped in full growth paints an ever changing picture too. A week of perfect weather will change the vegetation immeasurably and will provide real interest.

Below are some fantastic examples of pergolas years after installed. These are not EM Fencing and Garden Services installed but give you an idea of what’s possible. 

A pergola can also be made to perform another garden function, as a walkway. Picture a pergola that is longer, one that stretches from a patio to the greenhouse or to some seats in a shaded area. A pergola can be an interesting  join between parts of the garden.

Contact us now to find out what might suit your garden. If you’ve seen something you like on the internet keep a note of it for us to look at.

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Lawn Laid

Customer was extremely happy with the quick turnaround. This small but noticable patch of land really came out well with a fresh laid lawn on top of it.

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