Garden Fencing Colours

Gone are the days of having a brown fence without any other options. You can go as wild as you like with a huge range of shades which both protect and enhance your new fence. From traditional brown, tree-names shades through to modern greys and blues, natural looking greens and even crazy primary colours could be used for sections. 

The Product

The weather might not respect your exact shade choice

Scour the internet for reviews and comments on the brand and type of product you plan to use. Certain stains will chip and age poorly. Some stains will simply fade and may provide a nice gracefully aged look.

Different grades of fence will take stains and paints differently too. Ask us about this.

Check the small print on the can too regarding the expected lifespan of the stain so you are aware of how often it will need topping up. Fence panels can be very porous and require quite a lot of work to cover.

Go out into your garden and have a look at the colours you already have. Examine:

  • The colour of your tree trunks ( if you’re lucky enough to have one ) 
  • The colour of any detail work on your house
  • Even the colour of a shed or furniture can make the choice easy.
  • You might have a pond with a heavy stone colouring ( a grey fence to match? )
  • Your decking might be a good one to match
  • If your garden has a colorful element ( like an often present flower or blossom ) this could be used as a highlight or feature colour.
  • Any slate that is present? A similar bluey-grey could be perfect.

There will be many other possible cues in your garden, every one is different. Go and look at yours. Talk to us, we can help. 

Colour Matching

Exterior design is like interior design.

Not The Bright Orange!

Too much tanning bed.

Think carefully before you go for a bright orange stain. This is surprisingly common but i don’t see the attraction. A fence can top off a great look but it shouldn’t be the centrepiece. A bright cedar-wood style stain often draws the eye too much and i question it’s similarity to the tree it claims partnership with!

Do whatever you can to try and get an idea of what your colour choice will look like. You could take a photo of the garden and compare it on screen with your colour ideas. Or get hold of some tester stain and paint some wood. A fence is a large part of a garden so it has a lot of power when it comes to pulling the eye.