Laying Down the Lawn

Little patch of land up against the side of the customers house needed some TLC. Lovely space to work in, can’t get much better access! We prepared the area and flattened it.

The turf was brought in from one of our great local suppliers.

Lawn was cut and laid carefully into place. This type of work is second nature to our trained professionals. We can get a great, unrivalled finished in quick time. 

We set the sprinkler up to get the lawn happy in its new home.

Turf can actually be laid throughout the year so don’t worry about what season you need it done. We will avoid frosts where possible but these are usually temporary stays. 

We always dig and rotovate the ground before laying turf in order to loosen it and make it consistent.

After the job is done there is still a bit more to think about. Watering is really important, even more so if it’s hot and dry. These early stages are important. Without sufficient water the lawn may die before getting a chance to live. 

Make sure your mower is ready to rock pretty soon too. After a few days its a great plan to give the lawn the once-over. Cutting promotes growth. Change the direction you mow in regularly too. Dont worry too much about leaving cut grass when you’re done. There won’t be much and it’ll help get nutrients back into the soil.