Winter Garden Jobs

What's The Plan? Winter Garden Jobs​.

some quick frosty garden tips

It’s cold outside but keeping a garden in tip-top condition is a hobby that never stops. Wrap up and get out there. Time spent during the Winter months pays dividends in the Spring and Summer to come. You’ll be able to sit in the garden and enjoy the fruits of your labour when the time comes for the first BBQ of the year. Check out the tips below for a quick and easy winter garden jobs​ hit-list.

Scarf Wrapped, Trowel in hand.

Early Winter.

Base of fence Panels

Clear any vegetation that is still hanging around at the bottom of your fence. Over the Winter the moisture won't dry away as readily and trapped wetness will start to rot the wood.

Fence Panels and posts

Grab that Karcher power washer out of the shed and give everything a blast. Work to remove any moisture holding intruders all over the fence. Give it a brush too if things are being stubborn.

Garden Structures

Got anything like a greenhouse, pergola, conservatory or even a shed? Give it a once over for any damage that can be fixed up before the weather gets wild. Also, look for any old vegetation that is still hanging on. Removing it now will keep it looking its best.

Vegetable Plots

Take this opportunity to clear out the patches of old plantlife. This will give you a great foundation for the new year and prevent any creepy-crawlies from hanging around. Break the soil up with a fork and give it a good turn with a spade too.

Feed the birds!

Give the bird feeders a good deep clean and fix-up. Fill them with lovely seeds to help our feathered friends thru the harsh time ahead.


We tend to get increased wind and storms in Winter. If you have any younger trees in your garden, particularly exposed ones, then think about tethering to a stake to give a bit of stability.


You've probably been doing this anyway but have a check around the garden to make sure nothing has escaped your snipping.

Winter Crops

If you're thinking of planting some lovely winter veg try to pick a spot with maximum sun. You can consider parsnips, broccoli or brussels. Or maybe the love or hate sprouts. Also cabbages, leeks and kale work well.

Deep and crisp and even.

Into Winter.

fence Panels

Keep an eye on incoming high winds and check for loose panels. While a fence is strong and unbroken it can be surprisingly resilient. But if a gap appears it can be exploited by winds for extra damage that could have been avoided.

Get into the spirit

Fences. the perfect place to hang some lovely Christmas lights. Get hold of some outdoor rated fairy lights and go crazy. We all need some extra cheer this year we're thinking.

Where's My Path?

Think ahead. Can you do anything now to mean that your pathways do not turn into soggy wet rivers that you need to slog through? Can you mitigate the wet using gravel or any other filler. Or maybe build some raised walkways with pallets, logs or cut wood.


I know snow seems like a rare occurrence in the UK now but it might come. Keep an eye on your branches and flowers if the snow falls. If it hangs around for a while the weight could damage things. You might need to clear it out.

Boxing Day Onions!

Apparently it seems like Boxing Day is the day to sew your onions! Everyone say's it's tradition but even on the vast internet i can't find any clue to the origins of this tradition. Anyway, it seems to be mostly successful so you should try it! Indoors in compost then out in Spring.