Raised Garden

We carried out an interesting garden project earlier this year. The task was to raise a lawn using retaining walls made from softwood sleepers.

Doing this has a number of advantages. If the soil is not good enough to maintain a decent lawn this change allows you to control the soil and provide a higher quality. It also allows better weed control and drainage as well as looking aesthetically unique and pleasing. The grass may grow better too, due to the higher overall temperature of the soil. 

This project was, as you can imagine, a sizeable task. Firstly we needed to remove what was there, then build the retaining wall while importing a great deal of fresh material to fill the new space.

The reclaimed sleepers look great here with a nice rustic colouring. It sometimes difficult for the untrained eye to understand how much new soil is needed for a project like this. It’s a *lot*.

The neat and clean lines here really look good even without the addition of the lawn. It was great to see the build slowly taking shape. The wood in the pagoda and decking brings it all together too. 

The final look shows a totally transformed garden. The sun and blue sky even came out to top things off. 

The retaining wall around the back forms a lovely curved path up to the decking, leading the eye and separating the functions of the garden.

The newly laid lawn is a huge improvement on the previous patchy look and it should continue to improve in thickness, strength and appearance.