Three Foot Picket Fence

Sometimes a fence isn’t about protection or privacy. A fence can just be about creating a border. It can be something aesthetic to draw the eye and show where something ends and something else begins.

A small 3 foot high picket fence is ideal in situation like this. It’s low, so it doesn’t make the space feel any smaller. Also, it creates a new wall that can used as a guide to park a car up against, store bins near or simply to use as a backing for some pot plants to brighten up the place.

Other benefits of a picket fence include the fact that while not the Fort Knox of fence options it does offer something of a barrier to the smaller creatures that roam the earth. Whilst low it will keep all but the most intrepid of small children from crossing it. Also, for some reason, dogs seem strangely against the idea of leaping them. Unless a rabbit or cat zips past maybe.

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