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The most important part of most gardens. If your lawn looks good you are more than halfway to having that garden everyone envies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

This is actually not a simple question. Spending a good while with hose watering the lawn really is just a drop in the ocean compared to a rain shower. Are you happy with using the huge amounts of water required to make a difference. It could cost £10 to water a 150m squared lawn. 

Grass actually hibernates when it’s low on water so, generally, it should be fine.

Sometimes, however, during some of the uncharacteristic weather we seem to be getting you can really see that your lawn will be gasping for a drink. It’s your call on watering it then. 

Water before the heat of the day as wet grass at night can encourage bacteria that might affect the lawns health.

Have Bare Patches In Your Lawn?

There are a few reasons a bare patch might develop on your otherwise perfect lawn. Over-use of a small area, dog urine, disease or just a freak patch of differing soil quality. 

If you haven’t the time nor inclination to fix that patch then just drop us a line on 01449 770 027

If you want to deal with it yourself the easiest method ( but not the cheapest ) is just to buy a roll of grass from your local garden store. 

Cut around the bare patch ( take an extra few inches to be sure ) and remove a few inches deep of soil. If required wet then loosen the soil you’ve just revealed under the patch. 

Cut a matching shape from the sod of grass and lay into the gap. Try to get it completely level with the rest of the lawn. Once laid, walk it in and water a few times a day for the next week or so.

For re-seeding the patch there are some good guides on youtube such as : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iIOn2v0J8Q

Should I Remove Grass Clippings And Leaves?

Leaves that have crash landed on your lawn make for great natural nutrition. This free lunch for your lawn should be welcomed with open arms. The more variety of leaves the better. Remember to use your common sense though; if there is a thick carpet or big bunches of leaves you’ll be starving your lawn of sunlight. Break them up or, better still, mow them into bits to aid the break down.

The same goes for grass clippings. If you are mowing with the correct regularity the clippings should be small and will not overwhelm the grass. 

If’s its been a while since you mowed and you are cutting off more than a couple of centimetres then remove some of the clippings.

Any Tips For Mowing My Lawn?

There’s little better that the smell of fresh cut grass on a balmy summer evening. Even better when it’s your own lawn that’s perfuming the area. For a top-notch lawn you should aim or mow every week. Don’t go crazy trying to hold to that rule but it’s a good benchmark to strive for. 

Grass stops growing when the temperature drops below 5 degrees. As the winter months approach keep on top of it and check the forecast for a guide. Get a good weeding session in to signal the end of the mowing season.

Your grass should ideally be between 7cm and 9cm but be wary of being spotted kneeling down in the garden measuring your lawn with a ruler. Your neighbours may be slightly unsettled by such a vision.


Lawn Laid

Customer was extremely happy with the quick turnaround. This small but noticable patch of land really came out well with a fresh laid lawn on top of it.

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